Fastener Product Range

All the products listed are available in materials - Self Colour Mild Steel, Bright Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel Grades. A2 304 and A4 316 as standard.



socket screws

Socket Screws

  • Socket Cap Head Screws. (Standard and Low Head Types)
  • Socket Button Head Screws
  • Socket Flange Button Head Screws
  • Socket Countersunk Screws
  • Socket Set Screws (Grub Screws) Dog Point, Plain Cup Point, Knurled Cup Point, Cone Point, Flat Point
  • Flat Head Socket Screws (Used Extensively in Furniture and Display Manufacture)
  • Socket Head Shoulder Screws
  • Available in Metric, Imperial UNF, UNC & BA

Metric Allen Key Table - please click here for details on Allen Key sizes for Socket Screws.

Machine Screws

Machine Screws

  • Countersunk Slotted Machine Screw
  • Countersunk Cross Slot Machine screw (As Pozi)
  • Slotted Pan Machine Screw
  • Cross Slot Pan Machine Screw ( As Pozi)
  • Raised Countersunk Machine Screw with Slotted Or Cross Slot
  • Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screw
  • Machine Screws Specials made To Order (Please Enquire)
Hexagon Bolts

Hexagon Bolting available in Metric and Imperial Size Range

  • Hexagon Head Bolts
  • Hexagon Head Setscrews
  • Hexagon Full Nuts Din
  • Hexagon Half Nuts (Thin Locking Or Jam)
  • Hexagon Nylon Insert Nuts T Type and P Type Range
  • Hexagon Threaded Connectors
  • Hexagon Pillar Nuts Male and Female (Used in PCB Board Work)
  • Hexagon Dome Nuts
  • Binx and Aerotight Nuts
  • Castellated Hexagon Nuts
Threaded rods

Threaded Rods

Threaded Rod ( Available in 1, 2 and 3 Mtr Lengths - Metric and Imperial) Studding can also be made to specific lengths - Please Enquire.


Serrated nutcert


Pop Rivets - Dome Head, Countersunk, Flange, Sealed End. Solid Form Rivets- Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass.

Threaded Inserts ( Rivet Nut Or Nutsert)

  • Thinsheet Nutsert
  • Countersunk Nutsert
  • Flange Nutsert
  • Blind Or Sealed End Nutsert
  • Cage Nuts
  • Blind Bolts

Also All Associated Tooling - Hand , Pneumatic and Cordless Available.

MIrror Screws

Mirror Screws

Every Type Of Cap and Screw Available , please specify type required by email or phone call and we will quote Price and Delivery to your requirements.



  • Flat Washers, all types available Metric Form A, B, C. Plus Mudguard Washers and Imperial Table Class Washers
  • Nordlock Locking Washers
  • Spring Washers
  • Shake proof Washers (Internal and External)
  • Belleville Washers
Weld stud

Weld Studs

Available in All metric and Imperial Size Ranges.

  • Flanged
  • Non-flanged
  • Mini-flanged
  • Weld Pins
  • Collar Studs
  • Tapped Pads
  • Electrical Grounding Studs
  • Pigtail Weld Studs
  • Food Service Studs
U bolt

U Bolts

Manufactured to specific requirements, please enquire.

Nylon and plastic fasteners

Nylon and Plastic Fasteners

Product range available in Metric, Imperial, UNF, UNC & BA

We have listed a range of popular products, we naturally offer a considerably larger range than is listed, if you cannot see the product you require please email or contact by telephone to discuss your particular requirement.

Security screw products - please click here for details on our product range.